Correspondence with Brydens Lawyers 2

One of us has just, on 12 Feb. 2020, at 10.58 am, used the chat facility on the Brydens Lawyers website to ask this question:-

which led to us ending up chatting with a “Stephen.” After spending more than 20 minutes of precious time, it appeared that Stephen lacked the intelligence to even understand the question, or else he did understand it but wasn’t about to provide a response anyway.

In our experience, with the chat facilities many organisations have, you DO end up with an email setting out the details, i.e. having these details in writing – one of the attractions of using such chat facilities. To us, this is important, as we always feel that those who put things in writing are much less likely to include rubbish in what they tell you, and ┬ámuch more likely to stand by what they do and say, and that chat facilities where you don’t end up with anything in writing are no different to phone discussions and face-to-face consultations in which, what your told, often includes rubbish.

By the way, we recently asked an organisation the question shown above, and they indicated that they DID send out such emails – but 4 days later we still hadn’t received one! No wonder this organisation has so many one star out of five star Google ratings.